Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oRaNGe cAkE fOr uDiN & fiZa

Nie la simple rosebud 4 udin & fiza's wedding on 23rd May 2009. I choose the soft color to make it the color of theme. Cake nie i try buat steam buttercream yg sama seperti fondant rupa dia. Coz steam buttercream adalah teknik yg paling senang digunakan without using spatula. So.. save my time to layerred all the cake. Actually this cake make last minute to bake and deco and alhamdulillah.. the output so walla..

Cake : Orange Cake + Steam BC + BC (Deco)

bArbiE cAkE fOr aN-nIsA

Last week i make it this barbie cake and alhamdulillah.. walla.. success n superb.
Hope everybody love it with the taste and simple decoration.

Cake : Moist Chocolate Cake + Steam BC + BC (4 Deco)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

CC - LaDy bIRd & gENg

CC - gArfiELd

CC - fLowEr bOuqUEt

cAkE - sPoNge bOb

Hah.. dh ada improvement... rasa syg nk mkn.. wat frame jer la.. ha..ha..ha.. dsbbkan x der guna bhn pengawet x leh la simpan lama2.. nnt entah apa yg jadik.. btul..btul..btul.. (curi dialog upin ipin)

bRoWNieS_chEEsE (pARt II)

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