Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cAkEs_cLoCks Vs bAskEt wEaVe

This cake was ordered by Kak Lyn for her husband surprise party on last Saturday at Proton COSE  Shah Alam. She just gave me 3 days to complete 11" square cake, so i just make a simple clock deco as a theme. Thanks a lot Kak Lyn.. errmmm.. ank Tini x sempat nk rasa coz sekelip mata dh licin.. huhuhu.. maybe next time kena wat besar lg Kak Lyn coz ramai x dpt.. hehehe

Cake : Orange Butter Cake
Topping : Steam BC with Orange Flavour + Chocolate Ganache
Total weight : 3kgs
Theme : Cake Clock vs Basket Weave

hah!.. ni la gambar husband Kak Lyn.. semasa acara memotong kek. Sib baik Abg Mie x lari ye Kak Lyn.. Kalu x hancuss program kite.. hehehe..

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