Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fAnCy cOOkiEs - TT DiAn

100pcs fancy cookies made for TT dian at Sagil Waferfall, Johor. Wow.. seronok sgt n teruja joint EOCM konvoi even tiada polis trafik sepanjang sesi berkonvoi. If i'm not mistaken around 40 Exora car joint this event. Banyak tuu... so i plan made this fancy cookies for potluck menu. Errmmmm.. mmg btl sangkaan ku baru letak jerk atas table x smp 2seconds  dh licin.. kesian gak ada yg x dpt.. tp apa blh buat.. so next time kena ingat to round table brought this fancy cookies. so everyone can get it w/o any frustrated. hehehehe... below picture before packaging. layannnn....

          Hibiscus + Umbrella Cookies
          Roses + Ice Creams Cookies
          Gown Cookies
  Chick's Pick Cookies
Bride & Groom Wedding Cookies
         Cupcakes Cookies
 Girl & Boy Face + Love Shape Cookies
        Loving Couple Cookies

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