Monday, March 8, 2010

CC - cHoCoLatE mOisT_gArDeN tHeMe

25pcs Order from adik Syida. Katanya nk celebrate birthday yg ke 12 di Sekolah and no color& theme request.. So aku plan wat garden theme in simple deco.. hehehe.. In garden theme included red mushroom, catterpillar with daisy flower, ladybird with leaf & Beehive. Sorry adik Syida coz akak tersalah tulis nama "Shida" sepatutnya "Syida".. Kalau sedap promote kt kengkawan tau & order lg thn depan. Anyway Happy Birthday 2u sis & good luck for this year UPSR.

CC : CMC with Vanilla & Strawberry Topping
Theme : Garden
Quantity : 25pcs (M size)

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